Design + Furniture + Embroidery


Géraldine Biard is a product and furniture designer from France.
She grew up in Burgundy and even though she lives in London she stays deeply attached to her French origins. 

With a particular focus on the relationship and interactions between the user and the object, her work engages the senses. She is passionate about architecture and design, movement and the process of making. 

She believes that the role of Design is to galvanize and help people blossom in their surrounding. 

Her research is human-centered and she developed her first collection of furniture - Jardin d'Hiver - based around the user group of people with dementia.

Géraldine gets her inspiration from everywhere and everything and creates her embroideries from her French heritage. She proposes pieces of exception and redefine excellence for wellbeing by designing using aromatherapy and light therapy. 


She loves drawing, sewing, snow, tea, goldwork, textiles, eating sushi, architectural plans, gardens, patterns, blues and greens, paper art, exotic materials, the Grand Budapest Hotel, caning, live-edge wood, kimonos, hummingbirds, brownish leather, light effects, ski hats, ocean bungalows architecture, Autumn, green landscapes, bluebells, candy cane, lanterns, perforated metal, point to point game, silk threads, bellinis and strawberries...